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Tinkerbells’ Fairy House — Craft

Keeping on with the Fairy theme…. I decided that little Tinkerbell needs a residence, at our residence, so she could have her little fairy entourage over for tea parties. Aveline was in agreement, and so we started on this crafty adventure together! Here is what we came up with!

It took about 2 afternoons of time.. so it would be like a weekend craft project, you could do it in a day if you have the time all in one day to devote to it. But it was So much fun! There’s no need to be perfectionist about it, because its supposed to look like it belongs in nature.. but still be cute with added touches here and there.. but you can have your kids help with the majority of the processes, and just add finishing touches of detail at the end (if you are so inclined!)
This will be a tutorial-esque adventure.
Enjoy! I would love it if anyone that decides to make one-has made one, would post pictures/links to their pictures of their own creations!
The more the merrier!


  • 1 large pack wooden popsicle sticks
  • about 3-6 sheets of construction paper- 1 to use and the others to paint on and keep your area clean..
  • craft paint- brown(wood slats on walls),green(support sticks for roof and roof), red(door and window trims), black (door and accents), white (welcome mat), cream(inside walls)or any variety of paint that you would like to use.
  • cardboard cut from a box approx size–11″wide x 13″long
  • Fake plant/fake bunch of flowers. i used 2-1/2 fake plants that i had from my last year fall decor—or 2 bunches of fake green leaves– you can just pick out a couple flowers to add to it…
  • fall leaf garland- w green leaves and some orangey/red leaves or whatever you have that you could use leaves off of.
  • pretty buttons
  • 1-1/2″silk ribbon- i used brown and green and a small amount of gray-
  • 2 pieces of card stock paper-9″x12″ – white  (i used white water color paper that’s all i had on hand.. whatever stiff paper you have will work. -if you want to take a less work route- get green card-stock- or poster-board and you wont have to paint it green)
  • masking tape
  • hot glue/glue gun
  • brown paper bag or wrapper from the fake plant that you cut apart– (if it has a wrapper) or any kind of paper you can find laying around your house that’s brownish/greenish ..
  • a few pine cones you found from somewhere.. a walk or your neighbors yard.. haha

So here goes- pictures and descriptions of the steps to take–

1. 2. 3.

1. hot glue the first two sticks straight onto the edge of the paper so you have a guide to keep the sticks straight.

2.  line up 16 Popsicle sticks along the row of glued down sticks. make sure they are straight. (no glue yet)–

3. meanwhile have your child paint 15 Popsicle sticks brown.. on one side.




4. (I didn’t paint mine till after they were glued on.. which is a little more tedious and not so fun for the kids) so instead… when brown paint is dry, take 4 of the brown popsicle sticks and hot glue the backs of them and start the process of gluing the 16 sticks laying together. when you are done.. it should look something like this…(make 3 of these – 2 sides and one back wall).

5. (so it should look like this with the brown holding the sticks together.) Then break 2 popsicle sticks in half paint the 4 pieces red and hot glue them together to make a small window this is for one wall- do it again for the second wall.  you don’t have to add a window to the back wall.

6. glue popsicles together to make this triangular shape- these will be used to hold the walls together in the corners. First lay down a stick on the table, then stand one on the back of it and hot glue it till it holds, then when dry, add the diagonal piece and hot glue into place.



7.  take back wall and glue the peice you just made onto the last popsicle on the end. (AS PICTURED in #7) – then glue on the right wall..

8. when you are finished with step #7 it should look like this.




9. take 5 popsicles on one side and 4 on the other and glue them in place using 2 brown broken popsicles.. Then to make the door- use 6 popsicles and 2 broken ones and glue them in place.. once the door is glued together have your child paint the door red. When the paint on the door is dry- take a piece of 3/4″ gray ribbon and cut it approx. 3″ long. Add hot glue to the left side of the ribbon and adhere it to the left wall leave about a 1/4″ gap of ribbon then add hot glue to the right side of the ribbon and adhere it to the left side of the red door… to look like #10.

10. The door should swing – if it does not open your gap may be to small.. rework it if you have to till it swings open.

11. Then, as in this picture, hot glue the last 2 corners together using the corner pieces.



12. this is what it will look like once corners are glued together.

13. then glue together 2 Popsicle sticks and(as in this picture) place on the top of the house on the front wall- then glue another set together- and stand them up vertically along the set you just glued down. (same picture as #10 – i know.. ) this will eventually hold up the roof




14. make a latch out of popsicle sticks and a catch out of broken pieces of popsicle stick, then paint black and glue into place.

15. take your-11″x 13″ cardboard and cover it with either the wrapper from the flower pot (if that’s what you used) or a paper bag or brown paper.. whatever you want to use.. then turn it over and hot glue it securely into place..

16.(its ok if its wrinkly- see mine is not perfect) set the house on,.. do not glue into place just yet.




17. Now to make the roof– take your 2 pieces of card stock– or water color paper —  and use masking tape to secure one piece end to end with the other piece. Tape both sides of the paper so its really secured. (or poster board cut to 9″x24″)

18. Then roll it into a shape that looks somewhat like this– so  it covers the majority of the house. And securely tape it so it hold its shape.

19.+20. Then have your child paint it green- trying to cover the whole thing with color. (this does not have to be perfect.. just so its not white.)




21. Once dry, hold the roof so its the correct shape and use popsicle sticks to secure the roof and make it sturdy. Do this by putting hot glue on the ends of the sticks and holding them in place as far as they go in, see #21. do this with 2 popsicles inserting the first one and letting it dry, then inserting the second and holding it in place until it is dry.

22. This is what it should look like when the supports are inside. and it should feel more stiff than it did before putting the popsicle sticks in as supports. If it does not, rework it until its nice and sturdy . being that this roof will be removable, you want it to hold up.


23. Start to build a roof line,( eaves, overhang,)with popsicle sticks– it doesn’t have to be perfect- but try to do one on each corner of the house.  and then add supports going across to make them sturdy and not wobbly. (try to use the pictures as a guide.)




24.+25.+26. Then start to add leaves with hot glue- starting at the bottom and trying to cover the entire roof structure..




27. it should look something like this when you are done adding the leaves.

28.  you may need to add popsicle sticks like these- pictured added to the underneath of the structure- for support. (glued to the bottom of the roof and the end of the popsicle stick eave(overhang) that you made previously.

29. put roof on and see what you’ve created!




30. Its time to glue the house structure to the board.Place the house on the board so its about 2 inches from the back and you have more space in the front for the yard then add hot glue when its in place to the four corners and let cool.- then start the process of cutting greenery and leaves to go around the base and gluing them into place.

31. go around the house but leave a space in front of the door- like shown in this picture.

32. cut a peice of ribbon so that you can fasten it underneath and run it into the door-and glue pretty buttons into place- being sure you can still open and close the door.

33. 34.


33.glue the ribbon around the board so it stays in place.

34.glue the front, then continue to glue it down so it stays in place as the “walkway”.

35. cut a peice of ribbon  cut into it along the edges to make it look frayed, and paint welcome onto it with white craft paint.




36. Glue welcome mat into place.. it should look something like this.

37.+38. Start to detail the door and wood with a paintbrush and black paint. making it look like wood. and add paint where ever you feel you would like detail.




39. add leaves to the inside of the house.

40. You can add another piece of ribbon right at the inside of the door or you can use leaves, whichever you prefer.

41. then finish adding to the outside of the house. finishing it with leaves flowers, pine cones.. and such. And top the roof with some ribbon glued into place so it accents the “chimney” area.. however you wish- you can add more ribbon, buttons.. or flowers.

and so it is! all done- hope yours is as fun to make as our was!

Enjoy! and let me know what you think!!



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